With a focus on racial equity, we fund, support, and advocate for culture to enhance the quality of life in King County. We envision a vibrant county where culture is essential and accessible to all. Using Lodging Tax and 1% for Art funds, our team of grant-makers, cultural advocates, advisory committees, and volunteer peer review panelists support a diverse array of cultural endeavors.

• Nina Yarbrough, Arts Program Director, 206-477-7537 or nina.yarbrough@4culture.org
• Chieko Phillips, Heritage Program Director, 206-477-6811 or chieko.phillips@4culture.org
• Dana Phelan, Historic Preservation Director, 206-263-1604 or dana.phelan@4culture.org
• 101 Prefontaine Place S, Seattle 98104
• www.4culture.org