American Fabric by Michael Dinning

Detail from American Quilt – Michael Dinning – Mixed media installation

Auburn Art on Main Gallery
Now through 10/2/2022

The City of Auburn and the Auburn Arts Commission are pleased to present an art installation, titled American Fabric, by Michael Dinning at Auburn’s Art on Main window-front gallery, on view July 11 – October 2, 2022.

Artist Exhibition Statement:

“I began drawing as a child before I have memories of doing so, and it was through my artwork that I found my identity. I nearly exclusively drew images of people, attempting repeatedly to get at what makes individuals unique, what defines them, and trying to work out how people see me. I constantly looked inward to find a sense of self that I could project to the world. It seemed to me that identity doesn’t just happen, it is something created by the people, places and things, both grand and intimate, that we choose to hold close, and that we need to return to, again and again, as we navigate the world around us. Our identities are constructed with these intriguing bits and pieces because they compel us, bring us joy, and define the way that we want to see ourselves, and how others see us. All of these parts, both essential and insignificant, combine to make us unique.

“The identity of a country is defined by the identity of it’s people. America is a complex collections of individuals and traditions, and to understand how and where we fit in the world it is important to value the life right around us, our communities of people and events, routines and ideas. A myriad of thoughts and voices give shape to American society, and make our cities and neighborhoods dynamic, unique, and vibrant. Regional traditions and personal idiosyncrasies fascinate me. When I travel this country I seek out the history of the places I go, how people came to belong there, how the character of the people shaped the history of the place. America is a magnet for people seeking a better life, a shelter from misery, a place where there is hope. Immigration is an issue in American society that is fraught with emotion, division and acrimony. Instead of rending society with our differences, we can instead focus on the character of a man like Abraham Lincoln. Few people in American history have believed as strongly as Lincoln that the need for human dignity must be at the root of this country. A free and diverse population is what makes America unique in the world, and lies at the strength of our country. I believe that when we turn our backs on that diversity, and deny those who believe in America as a place where a better life can be found, it weakens our country, and darkens the light of the American experience and our basic ideals as a people.”

The Art on Main Gallery is located at One Main Street in Auburn and is viewable from the street 24/7.

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