Artists Invited – Maple Valley Art Walk

Maple Valley Creative Arts Council
Rotating basis

ArtWalk is a partnership between the Maple Valley Creative Arts Council and local small business owners in Maple Valley. The first art walk took place in November 2014 with the idea of developing new venues for local artists to exhibit and sell artwork and to give local businesses an opportunity to support the local arts community.

Opening events are the first Wednesday evening of every other month (beginning in April) and artwork will be displayed for two months. The ArtWalk Kick-Off Event begins at 6 PM at one of the participating venues with a brief welcome and introduction to the artists and business owners in attendance. Then, we “walk” to the other venues to enjoy artwork in a variety of settings. Artists are encouraged to join, but presence is not required.

All artwork must be original work and not based on copyrighted material. Work should be less than 3 years old with family friendly content appropriate for all-ages venues. Artwork must be completely dry and ready to hang. A wired system is preferred. All artwork will be priced for sale and must remain on display for duration of show (replacements are accepted).

The Maple Valley Creative Arts Council and local businesses will take reasonable precautions to prevent loss, damage or theft of artwork, but cannot be held liable for damage or theft of artwork.

Artist Registration Process

  1. There is no registration fee, however, each participating artist must be a current member of the MVCAC (annual membership starts at $25). To register, visit
  2. Send a typed list of the artwork inventory (Title, Medium, Size, and Price) up to one week before the artwork is delivered. Note: It is the artists’ discretion whether he/she will reflect sales tax in the price of his/her artwork.
  3. Short artist bio (70-100 words) with the picture should be sent to Jennifer via, up to one week before the kick-off event.
  4. Based on provided information, organizers will prepare tags for each art work and the printed bio.
  5. Art is installed a day or two before the kick-off event with the artists and business owners coordinating the installation and it is displayed until the next rotation (2 months), unless it sells and arrangements are made for a replacement.
  6. Art sales will be paid directly to the artists for artwork sold the night of Kick off and during the 2 month rotation.