Deadline: Ongoing

ArtLifting is a social enterprise that helps artists living with disability or homelessness earn income by connecting them to interested buyers through our national, online platform. We are currently working with artists in 16 communities across the country and are expanding into Seattle. There is no cost for artists to participate in ArtLifting—we take care of any associated costs (including shipping and framing). We have a full-time marketing and sales team that works to sell your work at no additional cost to you.

Applicants must: be over age 18; be eligible to work in the United States; and meet at least one of the following criteria: 1.) currently living with a disability, or 2.) experience with homelessness.

For every item sold, artists earn 55% commission. Reproductions of artists works are priced at $75. Artists can set their own minimum price for originals. ArtLifting is typically able to sell originals between $600 and $3,000.

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