Arts and Culture Community Incubation Space

City of Renton
Deadline: 6/9/2023

Attention artists, creatives, and community organizations! Join us in shaping Renton’s vibrant arts and culture scene. The City is seeking proposals for an exciting arts and culture community space in downtown Renton.

Unleash your talents and share your visionary ideas to create a dynamic space for artistic expression, cultural activities, and community engagement. Together, we’ll celebrate our diverse cultural heritage and foster collaboration among artists.

To learn more, attend an Open House at the Renton Pavilion Event Center on June 6, from 3 to 7 p.m., while soaking in the excitement of the opening day at the Renton Farmers Market. It’s your chance to shape the future of our vibrant city! Immerse yourself in the proposed arts & culture space, unleash your creativity on a personal masterpiece, and uncover how your ideas align with the Civic Core Vision. Let’s come together to create a city that reflects our dreams and aspirations!

Then be sure to submit your proposal by June 9. Visit for the full Request for Proposals (RFP) and help shape Renton’s arts and culture future.