Auburn Community Fund

City of Auburn Neighborhood Program
Deadline: 3/31/2023

The Community Fund: This is only the second year of this program, focused on communities that are in the Valley and Plateau areas of Auburn. Community members can submit projects to the Neighborhood Programs Coordinator, and after the application period (applications due by March 31st), those ideas will be presented to the City. There will be a vetting process to determine what projects fit the scope of the program, and these projects will be approved. After approval, the projects will be presented back to community members to be voted on during the summer months. The voted project (or projects depending on the budget) will be completed by the City! Example projects could be community gardens, Little Free Libraries, playground and park renovations, rain gardens, and projects that address community needs.

If you have a project that you would like to see in the Valley/Plateau areas of Auburn, please fill out the application form!