Renton History Museum
Audition/interview dates: 5/20/2019, by appointment only
Performances: 7/27/2019

What does it mean to be American? Four Renton residents try to figure that out as they go through the Renton Americanization School in preparation for their naturalization tests in 1937. Led by a naturalized citizen, the four discuss current events while they search for the balance between embracing their heritage and adapting to their new country.

Renton History Live! is a program produced by the Renton History Museum. It takes real historical Renton residents and brings their stories to life through theatre. Productions are short one-act plays. Auditions and rehearsals are held at the Museum (235 Mill Avenue S, Renton) on Mondays; there will be multiple performances of the show on Saturday, July 27.

Character Breakdown / Project Needs:
PIETER PRINS – 65-year-old adult male,
Dutch born MATILDA DELAURENTI – 40-year-old adult female,
American born ALESSANDRA MARIA BONOMI – 20-year-old adult female, Italian born
OLE BASTIAN HATLEMARK – 30-year-old adult male, Norwegian born

Audition Requirements: Cold readings. Scripts will be provided. Please bring your resume and headshot or recent photo. to audition, please e-mail Sarah Samson at to schedule.

Monetary compensation: $200 stipend.  This play is written by Renton History Museum curator Sarah Samson and directed by Kimberly Owens.

If you have any questions please e-mail