BAM Burien Art Market and Garden Party

Burien Arts Association

BAM! Online happens between Friday, June 24 – Sunday 26. Up to 35 artists will be allowed to participate. Artists involved in the Garden Party must submit a minimum of 5 pieces for the On-Line Fundraiser, with 50% commission to BAA’s fundraiser.

The Garden Party with Studio Tour, Art Booths and Music will take place onJune 25, 11 AM – 6 PM. There will be 10×10 booth spaces available. The cost of booth space is $30. (No commission, but minimum 5 pieces in On-Line Fundraiser)
A booth space with canopy is $50 (only 7 are available to rent) and 1 table included (chairs not included). Multiple artists can share a space.

Contact BAA Events with questions:

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