First Friday in Beautiful Downtown Burien

Businesses along SW 152nd, Olde Burien and Seahurst are open with limitations and are looking for ways to showcase art on Burien’s monthly B-Town Beat Art Walk, which happens throughout the day on the first Friday of every month. Some venues have wall space for monthly exhibitions, and some have sidewalk space for outside booths. There are no specific time requirements, it can be at any time during the first Friday.

Artists are encouraged to reach out to these venues to show their art, and please wear a mask and practice safe social distancing.

  • Clone Press
  • Elliott Bay
  • Burien Press
  • The Oilerie
  • Pickled and Preserved
  • B-town Yarn
  • Scarlet Ibis Gallery
  • Page 2 Books
  • Discover Burien
  • Grand Central Bakery
  • Miller Paint
  • Sitka Living
  • Highline Heritage Museum
  • Humble Vine
  • The heART Gallery
  • Pigfish Cafe
  • Community Acupuncture
  • Ola Salon
  • Lollipops Consignment
  • Three Trees Books

Each venue is different and will have a completely different set of specific parameters for hanging/showing art. The art walk has been presented to businesses as an opportunity for community involvement and the support of art and culture, with an emphasis on how to accommodate art and artists with very little disruption to normal operations, customer services or other concerns that a business owner may have. It is suggested that the artists find out the specifics of the venue when making arrangements for exhibition. Artists may also contact the art walk admin team with questions.

Finding a Venue

  1. Familiarity with places that you already frequent
    1. Do they have a rotating art presence?
      1. Ask how to get on the exhibition calendar
    2. Directly inquiring about art hosting
      1. Ask if they are part of the art walk and if they would be interested in hosting art
    3. Attend an art walk and see venues hosting art first hand
    4. Check the website for list of venues that host art or music at the art walk.
    5. It is a good idea to provide samples when initially contacting the venue. Ultimately the venue has the right to exhibit or not depending on individual factors.
    6. Discuss First Friday art walk night reception options with venue. Receptions are strongly spearheaded by the artist, and often requires the artist to take ownership in said reception. Clear communication with the venue at the very beginning of the discussion is highly encouraged.

Artist Considerations

This section is put together from common knowledge gathered from the art community over many years from many individuals. It has been considered a ‘living document’ which means it can be changed and updated as new information arises or old information becomes obsolete.

Presentation of Art

  • Framed Art should be wired
  • Heavy canvasses should be wired
  • Small canvasses can often be hung with tacks, except in the case of a rail hanging system when they will be required to be wired
  • Provide contact information
    • Use current website, phone number, email or social media
    • Large font can be seen better from a distance
  • Art should be hung for the duration of the month

Hanging and Exhibition

  1. Rail Hanging System
    1. Venues with rail systems will likely have supplies for hanging on site. Check with venue for clarification when making exhibition arrangements. Art hung on rail systems will typically need to be wired, NOT cleated.
  2. Blank Wall
    1. Nails, Tacks or other such methods that leave holes in the wall should be clearly discussed with the venue before hanging.
      1. Try and be considerate to the space and the patrons of the business when hanging.
      2. Offer to repair or fix any damages that may occur from hanging. Leave no trace!
    2. Command Strips, museum putty or other adhesive hanging methods should be discussed with the venue prior to hanging.


  1. Directly through artist
    1. Have clear contact information posted so potential buyers may contact artist and make arrangements for purchase. This is the most open option for artists, as you can make sales independently from the venue.
  2. Sales through the venue
    1. Some venues have Point of Sale systems and will use them for art sales. Money will be distributed to artist by the venue. This should be clearly communicated and discussed prior to hanging.
    2. Commission is typically collected when venues run sales. Taxes, commissions and sales fees should be taken into consideration when pricing art.
  3. Other Options
    1. Artist/venues can come up with other options that are mutually agreed upon. It is a good idea to get sales information agreed upon prior to hanging.


  1. Venues provide no liability or insurance for loaned art exhibition. It is strongly suggested that artists provide their own insurance and liability for their art.
    1. Venues should provide a ‘Limited Liability’ document for artists exhibiting, which should be clearly read and signed by the artist. It is suggested that the artist take a photograph of the documents with their phone for their records. There is a sample Limited Liability form attached for reference.
  2. The First Friday Art Walk, the B-town Beat, curators or volunteers for the art walk are not liable for damages done to art exhibited at venues for the art walk.

General Communication and Tips

  1. Set expectations with business regarding art pick up when making initial exhibition arrangements. It is not a good idea to leave artwork past the arranged exhibition dates.
  2. Communicate clearly about expectations regarding First Friday Art Walk receptions.
  3. Social Media and other forms of promotion are encouraged by the artist. Artists should use mailing lists or other forms of communication to invite people to come to the art walk and see their art!
  4. Hashtags for social media currently used
    1. #btownbeat #b_townbeat #fistfridaymusicandartwalk #burienartwalk #firstfriday #burienfirstfriday
  5. Tag @b_townbeat on Instagram and on Facebook