Sun Road Artist Directory

Kent resident Jesse McDaniel is compiling a physical artist directory of the surrounding area -particularly Kent, Auburn, Renton, Tacoma and Puyallup – with the intention of promoting creative businesses and artists in the area and allow for them to be easily found. McDaniel has been interviewing several artists for the last few months and will feature some of their stories within the pages. The hope is to bring about a sense of community within the arts, allow for artists to see their resources, and help the general public access local creative businesses they may have not known were there. If you’d like to be put in the directory, it’s free of charge to be placed within the pages – e-mail Jesse at Learn more about this artist community at This project features all art backgrounds, and will include venues, places that accept art, places that have classes, dance, theater, fine arts, galleries, pottery, and the list goes on. There will be limited space within the pages so please contact Jesse as soon as possible. The intention is to get the directory published by the end of February.