Application deadline: 3/31/2020

Burien’s Arts-a-Glow Festival, scheduled for September 12 in Dottie Harper Park this year, is teaming up with Seattle’s LUSIO Festival (happening August 1) to welcome calls from light artists for either or both events. These are community festivals built to create an abundance of happiness on a magical evening, allowing light artists of the world to shine bright.

Artist stipends are available for Arts-a-Glow, with a larger stipend available for the central exhibit.

What ARE we looking for?

  • Light art that can be integrated into nature without causing damage or harm to flora. 

  • Art that is accessible to all demographics.

  • Beautiful light art the inspires, delights, engages, calms, or invigorates!

  • Artists or artist groups that are interested in donating their time and art for the ultimate goal of spreading happiness in bulk to light and play. 

What AREN’T we looking for?

  • No fire/flames  (sorry no exceptions)

  • Lasers (unless you have a license)

  • Art vending 

  • Art where the focus is not on light but used an addition to
    (bands that use visuals for example) 

  • Overtly political pieces 

  • Bands/Dj’s, Musicians

  • Grumpy artists. We’re a happy bunch and want to work with happy people 🙂

Click here to apply.