Des Moines Arts Commission
Entry deadline: 1/15/2018

The Des Moines Arts Commission invites professional and emerging sculptors to submit outdoor art pieces to be displayed for sale or not in the City of Des Moines for two years. This rotating exhibit may include up to nine pieces of art to be sited on S 216th Street, Marine View Drive S, at the Marina and Redondo Beach, or in City of Des Moines Parks. There is no entrance fee, but if the work sells the Arts Commission will receive a 20% commission on the art work, which will go toward purchase of additional sculptures for a city sculpture garden.

The work must be made of the highest quality materials that hold up in a variety of outdoor conditions, demonstrate structural soundness, safety and stability for an unsupervised general audience, be guaranteed against defects and deterioration and fit into a downtown, marina or park setting. Each piece must be of sufficient size to be easily visible to passersby, on foot or in vehicles, when attached to a foundation/pedestal and has a steel plate that will be attached with bolts and/or welded during installation.

Maximum parameters for sculpture: Weight, 1,000 pounds; Height, 12 feet; Width, 6 feet. Artists are required to provide transportation to the site for installation, positioning the art on the plinth and overseeing the installation, then transporting the art from the site at the end of the exhibition.

Artists of selected art are paid a stipend of $500 each year to defray expenses related to this exhibit. Each sculpture is insured by the City of Des Moines for replacement value up to $25,000 not including the artist’s time. The artist is responsible for a $1000 deductible.

The Art on Poverty Bay sculpture gallery provides wide exposure of the artists’ works. Full color brochures including map of sites, photos of sculptures and brief information regarding sculptures, artists and how to purchase sculptures are

widely distributed. Sculpture sales will be promoted through special events and advertising within the community and surrounding areas. Installation will be done by the artist and an experienced crew.

January 15, 2018 – Entries due
February 2018 – Artists notified
April 2018 – Artist contracted
May 2018 – Installations – dates TBD
June 2018 – Opening of Arts on Poverty Bay Gallery 2018-2020
May 2020 – Removal of art


that includes day/evening/cell phone, fax, email, internet and mailing address.

in 200 words or less that best describes yourself that will be on our website.

that describes your work, particular to each entry and suitable for publication.

APPLICATION: Complete one application form for each sculpture submitted (3 maximum) and all other information required (resume, biographical and artist’s statement) must be received by January 15, 2018

All applications must include one copy of the following:
• Completed and signed application form Artist’s statement
• Current resume (two page limit) including contact information from two references knowledgeable about your work.
• Digital images of the sculptures being submitted for consideration
• Three sculptures can be submitted for consideration
• Digital images per sculpture, maximum 5, minimum 3 jpg files, no larger than 1MB – jpg files should be saved “Lastname_artworktitle1.jpg”, “lastname_artworktitle2.jpg” etc.
• Annotated list of digital images submitted with sculpture title, materials, selling price, replacement value up to $25,000 not including the artist’s time and any other information of note, such as specifications of installation.
• Height, weight and depth of sculpture

Application materials submitted will not be returned.

Multiple emails can be sent with application materials, but .zip files are not accepted and there is a 20MB size limit.

Mailing Address: Art on Poverty Bay
City of Des Moines, Parks, Recreation and Senior Services 1000 S. 220th Street Des Moines, WA 98198

If submitted digitally, email all materials to Parks & Recreation Director, Patrice Thorell at Applications must be received by mail, hand or electronically by January 15, 2018. Please direct inquiries to: Des Moines Arts Commissioner, Fred Andrews at