Helen S. Smith Gallery
Application deadline: 7/1/2018

The Helen S. Smith Gallery on the main campus of Green River College Campus is currently accepting proposals for solo or curated group exhibitions that will take place January 2019 through December 2019.

The Gallery was named in honor of the college Foundation’s first President. In addition to being one of the college’s founding members, she was known as a strong advocate for the arts in the community.  Now 50 years and counting, the gallery continues to carry on her legacy by presenting compelling and innovative exhibitions featuring emerging and established Northwest Artists throughout the year.  The gallery also highlights works by Green River student artists twice annually.

The Gallery is interested in hosting solo and group curated exhibitions that contribute to or engage social, cultural or conceptual dialogue.  The Visual Arts Program at the college features painting, drawing, ceramics, photography and design.  Though exhibitions which highlight media being taught on campus are favored, the Gallery is open to proposals that employ wider experimentation.

Project Description: In a cover letter, please introduce yourself and your artistic background.  Please include a working title for your proposal or the exact title you plan to use for the exhibition.  Please include a brief artist’s statement and describe exactly what we should expect from your exhibition. Address themes/content as well as media.  Further, please also indicate if the work samples submitted are new work being created for the exhibition or if they are past work examples of your direction.  Name your cover letter Last Name, Cover Letter.pdf.

Work Samples: Please submit up to 15 high quality JPGs (no larger than 2MB).  Label files as 01, Last Name, title.jpg, 02, Last Name, title.jpg, etc. If you are proposing a group exhibition, samples of works by all participating artists should be included to provide a compelling overview of the exhibition proposed.

Image List: Upload one Image List as a pdf. (Please label the file: Last Name, Image List.pdf.) Include artist name, title, media, size and year for each image. List the images in order according to the corresponding image file numbers as outlined in the file naming process above.

CV: Please include a CV/resume as a pdf labeled Last Name, CV.pdf.

Submission Process: Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, but deadline to apply for next season is July 1, 2018. To submit your digital files, please visit: https://www.dropbox.com/request/iMQh0itxRhssfahsP6rA which is a Dropbox Data Collection site. You will be able to upload your files to this site provided they are under 2MB each.  Once uploaded, you will not be able to see or change them.

The Helen S. Smith Gallery invites artists to present a closing artist talk or panel discussion with each exhibition. It typically provides a stipend for your participation in this event. As a general rule, artists are responsible for shipping and any associated fees with preparing the work for exhibition. The Gallery has a limited budget, but we are open to discussing additional programming, which may include a modest contribution toward those expenses, subject to available funding.

The Gallery is committed to promoting its exhibitions through press releases, local and regional arts calendars, college PR resources, print and social media.

Installation date-range will be provided to the artist, and the artist is encouraged to hang their own show, though we are willing to work with you individually if assistance is needed. De-installation occurs after the closing reception concludes.

The Helen S. Smith Gallery does not take a commission on works sold.  All inquiries regarding sales will be forwarded directly to the artist.

The contact for this call is Sarah Dillon Gilmartin, Gallery Director, at sdillon@greenriver.edu