City of Tukwila
Application deadline: 3/6/2020

The City of Tukwila seeks a temporary installation art piece to activate the off-season splash pad at the Tukwila Community Center during the 20th Anniversary of the Backyard Wildlife Festival on Saturday, May 9, 10 AM – 3 PM.

For 20 years the festival has focused on education around healthy backyard habitats, plants and supported local art.  The attendance at the 2019 Festival was over 1,000 people and ages range from 0-99.  The off-season splash pad at the Tukwila Community Center is always a tough space to program for the event.  The splash pad is a tough surface with sculptural fish and large structures that spout water in the summer, the splash pad will be turned off for the festival.
The jury committee is interested in art that relates to the festival but it is not a requirement, bonus points for ‘day of” community involvement.

Guidelines for art installation:
Installation must be installed and taken down in the same day
Art can not leave any permanent mark on the space
Installation must be staffed by artist during the event
Installation must be open to the public 10-3 pm, May 9th

Please e-mail a word/pdf document with budget, description of installation, sketch and resume to by March 6, 2020.

We want to hear your ideas!