American Association for State and Local History
Proposal submission deadline: 12/18/2020

The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) will present its 2021 Annual Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas, on September 22-25. This meeting will be a hybrid with virtual components as well as onsite sessions and events. AASLH is now accepting proposals for sessions and workshops. Deadline for submissions is December 18.

The Theme: Doing History/Doing Justice

What do we owe to one another? This question sits at the heart of the concept of justice, a notion so central to our society that we find it in centuries-old founding documents as well as in current headlines and protest signs. In this extraordinary era, marked by profound reckoning with our complicated past, history institutions are uniquely positioned to engage in doing justice—to public understandings of our past, and as active agents in the world today.

The work of history institutions is justice work. Historic sites, museums, and archives help bring complexity and nuance to questions of right and wrong. Our work helps to establish relevant facts, provide access to evidence, and weigh competing claims for rights, freedoms, access, ownership, and our duty to one another. We raise a range of perspectives and challenge ourselves and our audiences to evaluate and reconcile conflicting views.

Learn more about the AASLH Conference, and how to submit a proposal, here.