Call for Yellowstone Wild Bison Images, Art and Poetry

Buffalo Field Campaign
Deadline extended: 3/1/2023

The Buffalo Field Campaign is gearing up for its 2024 Wild Bison of Yellowstone Country Calendar, and is  seeking beautiful wild buffalo images, art, poetry and Buffalo lore! The calendar is a true celebration of the wild buffalo of Yellowstone country.

To meet the image size and quality of the calendar printing, photos must be unaltered high-resolution, digital images of wild buffalo from the Yellowstone herds in their natural habitat (no roads, signs, fences, people, etc. in the shot please). Photos from every season are needed, including buffalo in deep winter, calving season, the rut, herd shots, and everything in between. Images of wild buffalo with wild neighbors such as grizzly bears, wolves, and others are also encouraged.

Photos from outside the Yellowstone ecosystem, or are not of wild buffalo, will not be accepted. Photos with human artifacts like roads, fences, houses, etc. won’t be considered unless the artifacts can be edited out. Photos of unnatural bison behavior resulting from human presence also aren’t considered, unless they depict a Management Action being performed by a State or Federal Agency.

Photos must be at least 12.25″ wide x 8.25 tall at 300 pixels per inch. Approximately a 35mb file or larger. (This requires a 10 megapixel camera or larger.). Please submit your raw files whenever possible. Strong preference for images that have not been color corrected. Adjusting color in images for four color process printing is different than for other printing processes. Contact Jackson Doyel,, with any questions and for precise instructions on how to upload your submissions.

Other visual art, poetry, quotes and interesting facts are also being accepted to share in the calendar.

When submitting photographs of artwork, the files should be directly forward facing (as if you were watching a singer or comedian on stage from the best seat in the house), during times of day when the use of flash is not needed. The image files should be at minimum of ~4″ in either height/width and high resolution (300ppi).

Artists and photographers will be given full credit for any and all photos, poetry, art and images. If your photo doesn’t make it into this calendar, it still may be considered for use in future years, and/or used (with your permission) to help educate and inspire in BFC’s e-mail updates, web site, newsletters, and other outreach materials.

This is a great way to support America’s National Mammal and promote wild bison habitat expansion. Previous calendars have been “wildly” popular, and BFC will be working with Small Changes Distributor next year to achieve maximum exposure in food co-ops and independent book sellers, so this is a great way of getting your work noticed, as well.