Auburn Community & Event Center
Now through 7/9/2019

Greg Bartol, artist and crow-lover, guest curated “Celebration of the Crow” on display at the Auburn Community & Event Center from April 9-July 9. The show will feature the following artists: Liz Ashley; Greg Bartol; Mary Ellen Bowers; Ricco DiStefano; Cynthia Gerdes; Mary Beth Hynes; Richard Jahn; Judy Lane; Judy Lee; Vikram Madan; Linda O’Neill; Leo Osborne; Sally Penley; Dinah Rau; Steven Ray; Wendy Ray; Catherine Thompson; Judy Salas; Judith Smith; Lydia Sutton; and Gretchen Van Dyke.

There will be an artists’ reception on May 1 at 5:30 PM, followed at 6:30 PM by a talk by Peter Reiquam, artist of “Crow With Fries” – a commissioned public artwork that will be installed on the former site of Big Daddy’s Drive-In; and at 7 PM by a presentation given by crow expert Dr. John Marzluff, on “Gifts of the Crow.”

Tickets are free but registration is required for admission.

The Auburn Community & Event Center is located at 910 9th Street SE, Auburn.