Application deadline: 8/8/2019

Cities across King County have provided profiles about the challenges they face in their communities. Now 4Culture seeks artists, organizations and creative planners to pair with those cities for collaborative project proposals. Cities and consultants will be paired by the end of 2019, with collaborations beginning early 2020.

There are eight potential opportunities for collaboration in this latest round of consultancies. You can find all of the descriptions by visiting https://www.4culture.org/grants-artist-calls/creative-consultancies/

We’d especially like to encourage local creatives to consider apply for one of the South King County opportunities that we’ve posted below.

City of Auburn

The City of Auburn seeks to continue working with the artist or artist group to add culturally significant artistic elements to the Auburn Arts Alley. Auburn was awarded a 2019 Creative Consultancy with artist Kathleen Frugé Brown with the vision to transform an underutilized alley, between the Auburn Avenue Theater and the future Arts & Culture Center, into a much-needed plaza for creativity, vibrancy, and cultural connectivity. The vision has been greeted with enthusiastic support from local arts organizations, businesses, our local college, residents and community leaders alike.

As part of the 2019 Creative Consultancy, Frugé Brown has been working with the Muckleshoot Tribe on traditional tribal weaving patterns that will be translated to mosaics for a seated bench and stage surround in the alley. The tribe has been a very excited and engaged community partner. As part of this community engagement process, there is a potential for additional tribal artwork that could be ideal for the alleyway or perhaps a component of the Auburn Arts & Culture Center building, adjacent to the alleyway. Connecting with the Muckleshoot Tribe through art is exciting for the City of Auburn and the entire community. Showcasing these skilled artisans and their craft in a community space would be treasured.

Auburn’s experienced Arts Department envisions activating the Auburn Arts Alley with arts programming like performances of music, spoken-word and dance, arts and craft markets, cultural celebrations and festivals. The Auburn Downtown Association envisions using the space for events during the day and at night to further engage visitors of all ages. The site can be activated in a myriad of ways and we would greatly benefit from an additional Creative Consultancies program to bring additional art to the space.

City of Auburn will be the lead agency and city staff, including Arts & Events Manager Julie Krueger and Arts Coordinator Allison Hyde, will be the primary contact for this project. We propose to work with the artist (or artists) for a duration of 9-12 months, in the following steps: 1-2 months to create a vision, 1-2 months engaging with artists, and 5-10 months creating the artistic elements of the Creative Consultancy project. The artist (or artists) would have regular meetings with city arts staff to collaborate and work towards a shared vision for the project.

The City of Auburn is a strong supporter of the arts, has completed similar projects successfully in the past, and is committed to support this project both financially and with staff time and oversight. The Auburn Arts Alley will create a gathering space will strengthen the community, stimulate the economy and enhance Auburn’s cultural vitality in an extraordinary way.

City of Enumclaw

The City of Enumclaw is exploring two new projects to incorporate art in public spaces: using the city’s signal boxes as a canvas for its local artists and honoring its first responders through a series of tribute benches.

Enumclaw has been working on increasing tourism by increasing activities downtown as well as changing the overall appearance and feel of the downtown district. Enumclaw has become a city that people want to visit and where locals want to enjoy the things that the city has to offer however the display of local art is dwindling. Local art is what helps to define a city and its community. The Enumclaw Art Commission has seen many cities in King County utilize the traffic control boxes as a canvas for local artists. We are interested in brightening up our city and creating opportunities for local artists, we believe the traffic control boxes would be a starting point for increasing the display of local art. Using the traffic control boxes as canvases for local artists would engage our community and add more color and creativity to our downtown district. It is the goal of the art commission to support and display local artists works. The City of Enumclaw’s Cultural Programs Coordinator has a limited amount of hours per week and will need extra support to complete this project. For this project we are looking for someone to work with us as a liaison between the different entities involved (artists, city departments, WSDOT, etc). Due to the limited hours of the city position having a liaison to facilitate the process would ensure its success and they may offer more expertise on the project details.

Another project that is being explored by the Mayor has been called the First Responders Plaza. This plaza would be a tribute to current, former and future first responders (police, fire and medical). The City of Enumclaw appreciates not only local first responders but first responders in general. This idea is in its very beginning stages but the general idea is three tribute benches designed by artists out of materials such as marble or glass that would be placed outside of city hall. The vision could include a call to local artists and some sort of community engagement process. Local artists would be asked to assist in the designing of the benches and proper lighting to respectfully recognize their service to the community. This project could include the community in many ways. Enumclaw is a city that supports and is undeniably proud of its emergency responders. Executed properly, this project could bring the community together. For this project we would need the creation of the plan as well as the exploration of funding for the project itself.