Bloedel Reserve
Deadline: 9/15/2021

The Creative Residency program provides artists and innovative thinkers with a three-week stay on the Bloedel grounds, with unlimited access to the Reserve’s 150 acres of gardens, forests, meadows, and wildlife habitats.

The program has welcomes Creative Residents from a wide variety of disciplines, giving them the time to nurture their passions and deepen the connection between creativity, nature, and humanity.

Accepted residents have 24/7 access to the grounds, stay in a fully equipped house designed by Jim Cutler, and have access to a car during their stay. There is no fee for the program beyond the application fee of $25 (some limited assistance is available if this is a barrier to applying).

Accepted Residents are free to use the time to work or replenish themselves and are asked to offer a community component of a talk, workshop, or other event to engage with the public.

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