Washington State Historical Society
Deadline: 10/5/2021

The Washington State Historical Society is excited to announce the new Diversity in Local History (DLH) Grant. This program will award small grants to heritage organizations to fund paid internships to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. These grants will be distributed through a competitive two-part process. Organizations will propose a specific DEI-related project and the Society will pair selected projects with qualified interns. There will be a grant workshop on September 16, 2 PM, to learn how to submit a competitive grant application. Register for that workshop here.
Interns will be paid $18/hour and grant requests must be between 100-500 hours (roughly $1,800-$10,000) for a single intern or 200-800 hours (roughly $3,600-$15,000) for two interns. Grants are awarded on a reimbursement basis only. Grantees must have sufficient funds on hand to pay interns at least twice per month throughout the project and grantees will be reimbursed upon submitting documentation of payment to the intern(s). Learn more about this opportunity at www.washingtonhistory.org/heritage-resources/diversity-in-local-history/