Earth Day Northwest 2020

Earth Day Northwest 2020 has the goal of leveraging the upcoming 50th anniversary of Earth Day as a pivot point for our region. We aim to create a broad-based, welcoming movement for this place founded on three key ideals: protecting our environment; increasing equity and inclusion; and improving our communities. In short, help our home the PNW be sustainable and robustly livable. A

Applications are now open for the Earth Day Northwest 2020 Youth Council and Youth Ambassador program. In order to ensure young people have a voice in decisions about the future of their environment and communities, Earth Day Northwest 2020 will be hosting a Youth Summit. At this one-day conference in September, 50 youth representatives will discuss the issues they want to see addressed in the next five years. We’re reaching out to youth organizations around the region and encouraging anyone between the ages of 16-24 to apply. To learn more, visit our website to read an invitation letter from our Youth Council Co-Chair. We hope that you’ll consider sharing the information and application, and If you personally know a young person who would be interested, please encourage them to apply!