Art on Main Gallery
Dates: 1/11-4/7/2019

The City of Auburn and the Auburn Arts Commission are pleased to present “Entwine Entangle Entrance,” an art installation by Abigail Kinney Maxey at Auburn’s Art on Main window-front gallery, One Main Street, Auburn. The window-front gallery is viewable from the street 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“An unintended knot is an annoyance, an obstruction in a process. A knot forces one to stop and focus on resolving the obstruction. By enlarging a knot I hope to transform our perspective to explore the path of the tangle. To create a knot, I use basketry techniques and reed as my material of choice. Pliable when wet, reed holds its form when dry. The open weave allows the viewer to explore the path of the knot by seeing through individual layers. The weave creates skeletal tessellations, a repetitive pattern, that I find familiar and appealing. Strong directional light creates an additional layer of intricately textured and distorted shadows adding tension between order and chaos.”

Pictured above: Entwine Entangle Entrance, by Abigail Kinney Maxey. Reed sculpture.