Flowers Exhibit – Rose Guastella

Halo by Rose Guastella. Oil on cradled panel.

Cheryl Sallee Gallery
Dates: Now through 7/7/2022

The City of Auburn and the Auburn Arts Commission are pleased to present the work of Rose Guastella at the Cheryl Sallee Gallery, on view May 4 – July 7, 2022.

Artist Rose Guastella’s journey as an artist has been a lifelong endeavor. She tends to paint in series. Her bodies of work include barns, shoes, old cars and trucks, birds, and specific places like Theler Wetlands Reserve in Belfair and Sinclair Inlet in the fog. For her exhibition at the Cheryl Sallee Gallery in Auburn, Guastella’s focus is on flowers.  “As an artist, my response to the sometimes-overwhelming events of the world is to find joy and peace inside myself through art-making, and to give that to others when I share my work. I realize it’s a small thing in the greater scheme of things, but it’s important to me and I will continue making art as long as I can.”

The Cheryl Sallee Gallery is located in the Auburn Senior Center at 808 9th Street SE, Auburn.

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