Free legal services to non-profit organizations


Wayfind is a nonprofit with a mission to improve the quality of life in Washington by providing free business legal services for nonprofits and microenterprises.Here are some examples of the legal work they can help you with:

· Contracts – Review, draft, and help you negotiate all kinds of contracts. Maybe you have contracts with employees, independent contractors, vendors or other service providers that you work with. Also help you create templates for contracts that you use often.

· Employment – Advise on employee vs. independent contractor questions, volunteer issues, and other employment law questions. We can also create or review your employee handbook.

· Real Estate – Help draft, review and negotiate leases or Purchase and Sale Agreements for the building that your organization is using. Most nonprofits have offices and all office space comes with a lease or purchase documents.

· Intellectual Property – Help draft language to protect your intellectual property rights on your website, training materials, or other materials that you create.

· Social Media- Help with intellectual property issues that arise with the use of social media, also employee use issues that can be addressed by drafting language for your employee handbook or employment contracts.

· Tax – There may be tax issues that arise out of selling products or services, or fundraising using raffles that Federal tax-exempt organizations need to understand. Wayfind can help advise nonprofits on what those issues are and what the reporting and tax implications are.

· Liability – Help with assessing risk of being sued and being held liable for either financial or personal injury and help with drafting liability waivers that your organization should have clients sign.

· Incorporation – Help community groups who want to start a nonprofit organization incorporate as a nonprofit corporation under Washington State law.

· Obtain tax-exempt status – Help nonprofit organizations obtain their Federal tax-exempt status by filing the application (Form 1023) with the IRS.

· Governance – Help you draft or revise your articles of incorporation and bylaws, also help your organization draft or revise conflicts of interest policies for board members and staff and other whistle blower and corporate governance policies.

If you think Wayfind can help you, please feel free to e-mail or call 1-866-288-9695 with your questions. There’s more information at We do require an application and payment of a one-time application fee of $100. All legal services are free. (Note that WAACO does not help individuals and we do not represent nonprofit organizations on their litigation – court – matters.)