Girls’ Vocal Performance Camp

Voice in the Valley
Dates: 8/1-5/2022

Maple Valley Creative Arts Center is proud to partner with Voice in the Valley Music Studio to offer this fun-filled, weeklong camp specifically designed for developing female vocalists (ages 11-18), emphasizing the importance of solid vocal technique to enhance song performance. Participants will explore multiple songs (solos/duets/ensembles) from a variety of genres including Musical Theatre, Classical, Folk, Jazz, and Pop, being coached by Dr. Jessi Jumper and our special vocal coach, Jessie Siren! Specific focus is on the importance of proper singing techniques, including posture, breath, phonation, and resonation, as well as the importance of connecting with your audience through dramatic action on stage. This special camp also focuses on uplifting and empowering young girls in our community in a safe and inclusive environment. In addition to learning music that has positive, powerful messages, campers also explore relative social issues such as self esteem development, peer pressure, body issues, bullying, and more. Our goal is to give these talented young women the tools to leave feeling confident as a performer and as a person, secure in who they are, and beautiful from the inside out. The workshop is held daily from 9am-2pm Monday-Thursday. Friday’s dress rehearsal will be held from 4pm-6pm. The Final Performance Showcase will be held at 6pm, open to the public.

The early bird fee is $250/person, but on 5/31 that goes up to $275/person. This camp will be held at Maple Valley Creative Arts Center, 23220 Maplve Valley Highway SE, Suite 15 (back of the building), Maple Valley. Learn more here.

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