Heritage Professional Development Stipends

Deadline: Ongoing until 10/31/2024

The Heritage Professional Development Stipend program provides stipends ranging from $100 to $1,500 for heritage practitioners in King County to participate in a professional development or career maintenance opportunity. This stipend can be used by individuals seeking to build skills needed to thrive in the heritage field or King County-based heritage organizations to provide a training for their staff, board members, and volunteers. These professional development opportunities must address a field-wide need.

This grant may be used for:

  • Pay for the cost of registration and travel to participate in a professional development or learning opportunity related to career maintenance and growth in the heritage field. These opportunities can take many forms including, but not limited to, conferences, workshops, technical assistance programs, training opportunities, demonstrations, and healing opportunities especially for heritage practitioners engaged with social justice work within the field.
  • Purchase materials and consumable supplies for your presentation, if you are a presenter at the professional development opportunity to which you are attending.
  • Pay for professional consultants, heritage specialists, or staff time if work on the project is outside their regular work duties and the payment is structured as contractor fees, materials and consumable supplies, transportation, and documentation services to provide a professional development for organization staff, board, and volunteers.

This grant may NOT be used for:

  • Reimbursement for the expenses incurred before the award notification.
  • Meals and incidentals during your travel.
  • Production of interpretive or creative projects. This would include exhibits, public programs, Pre K-12 educational programming, musical and/or theatrical performances.
  • Major equipment purchases, construction or fabrication projects.
  • General operating support, including staff salary, legal or finance services.
  • Services or events in which fundraising is the primary purpose.

For more information on this opportunity, visit www.4culture.org/grants/heritage-professional-development-stipend/