Herpetology for Nature-Based Educators

SHADOW Lake Nature Preserve
Date: 4/27/2024, 3-4:30 PM

Reptiles and amphibians play a critical role in the environment’s health; incorporating them into a nature-based curriculum can be both valuable and exciting! This workshop will discuss strategies for identifying and interacting with reptiles and amphibians while focusing on safety and respect. We will discuss inclusive and comfortable ways to approach animals physically and how to advocate for and participate in their conservation. Participants will learn about many of these animal groups’ unique, observable traits and how gentle observation techniques can allow us to develop a deeper understanding of their biology and natural history. This course intends to give educators of all kinds easy-to-use tools to guide and encourage their students to understand and explore the field of herpetology. This is a great opportunity for educators of all sorts; parents, homeschool teachers, nature-based educators, and schoolteachers alike!

$25 – learn more and register at shadowhabitat.org/event/herpetology-nature-based-learning-for-educators/