Rosebud Children’s Theatre Conservatory
Dates: 6/24-7/21/2019

For ages 8-12.

The giant is making life pretty miserable for Jack, his mother, and the entire kingdom.  Jack is even forced to sell his beloved dancing cow for magic beans.  And where does Jack go?  That’s right!  Jack goes up the beanstalk and into the castle where he not only fights Gogmagog, the giant, but the malicious Troll as well.  By the end of this special tale, the cow is returned, the chicken learns how to lay golden eggs, and the good life returns to the kingdom.  This show is spiced with a variety of tunes like “Good Things Are Bound To Happen,” the Giant’s “Fee Fi Fo Fum” or the company’s toe-tapping “Run, Jack, Run,” that will have adults and children alike humming along.

REHEARSALS June 24-July 19, M-F, 9am-1pm

PERFORMANCES July 19-21, Fri/Sat at 7pm, Sun at 2pm

Cost is $395. This camp will be held at Federal Way United Methodist Church, 29645 S 51st Street, Auburn. To register, click here.