Kent Downtown Partnership

Kent Downtown Partnership (KDP) is celebrating its 25th anniversary in October 2017. The organization originally started ten years prior and in 1992, it became incorporated. KDP’s goal is to vitalize the historic part of Downtown Kent and we do this in a number of ways: design, economic development/education, and promotion.

KDP strongly believes in partnerships and encouraging those with expertise and understanding of working with volunteers, to use their skills to assist us.

We knew that the downtown needed more art and so we sought out individuals who have a passion for art and they formed an Art Committee of KDP. They meet monthly and host the Third Thursday Art Night. Originally, it was an art walk but due to inclement weather it was decided to do a reception type art event.

The Art Committee is under our Design Committee and they are partnering in a project called “Operation Dragonfly.” Over twenty metal dragonflies were sculpted by and under supervision of Green River College’s welding instructor, Greg Bartol. Greg is also a local metal artist. The Art Committee has taken several of these dragonflies and found artists to paint them. When finished, these dragonflies will be found throughout downtown hanging off light poles.

KDP is delighted with the progress our Art Commission is making in growing our Third Thursday Art Nights and hopes you will consider joining us!