Highline Heritage Museum
Now through 8/2021

Like Mother features the work of 25 artists telling their stories. It was curated by Kelly Lyles, who shares this reflection on the exhibit:

“Like Mother was learning that my own need to make work after my mother’s death is a shared one. Many friends were losing their moms, too, and wanted to “work out” emotions around their passing. These are artists whom I admire with stories to tell. Some of their mothers were pilots, actresses, dancers, scientists, world-travelers, etc, in addition to being home-makers.

“This exhibit is an invitation to reflect on your own parental heritage, your stories, struggles, and triumphs. This is a reminder to engage with all people: our culture is so NOW focused, the exhibition takes time to delve into the past and help us recontextualize the present. I need to take this lesson to heart myself, fearing the ageism of the art world in my 60’s…”

The Highline Heritage Museum is located at 819 SW 152nd Street in Burien. Visit www.highlinehistory.org for information on open hours and admission fees.