White River Valley Museum curator Hilary Pittenger paired George Kinkade’s landscape photos with his close-ups of the natural world.

White River Valley Museum
Dates: Now through 4/28/2019

Local photographer George L. Kinkade created a truly astounding collection of photographs over five decades that asks viewers to stop and consider the beauty of the natural world around us, whether that is the smallest leaf or the largest mountain peak.

MICROCOSMS will feature the alpine and nature photography of George Kinkade from the Museum’s own collection! Kinkade was a lifelong Auburn resident who worked as a typesetter for the Auburn Globe newspaper. In his spare time he hiked and belayed to astonishing alpine views and captured photographs of the outdoors. This exhibit pairs textures and elements found in his larger landscapes with similar themes found in his close-ups of the natural world.

We invite you to explore the many tiny worlds, many microcosms, that show us how nature repeats its patterns at both minuscule and massive scales. Visit the Museum this winter for an outdoor experience in the comfort of our exhibit!

MICROCOSMS is made possible by the Friends and Family of George Kinkade, 4Culture, and the City of Auburn.

The White River Valley Museum is located at 918 H Street SE in Auburn. Admission is $5/adults, $2/children and seniors. Every first Thursday and third Sunday, admission is free. The Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, noon-4 PM and every first Thursday from 6-8 PM.