Allegro Performing Arts Academy
Autumn 2021

We truly believe in dance and movement for a young child’s foundation to set them up for success in the future, no matter what they choose to do. Development of motor skills, musicality, hand/eye coordination, following directions, socialization, respect, self-confidence, memory skills, self-expression, neurological development and so much more. (No really… the list goes on and on)

So with all the knowledge of teaching youth dancers, we have created our own brain based dance training of which each month has its own themes and list of items that each teacher will accomplish, which will also create even more cohesiveness between teachers as well.

Brain based dance training,  Interactive props, Cohesive class structure between teachers, Inclusive for boys & girls, Music and movement to build strong motor skills FUN & exploration to build the benefits of dance inside & outside the studio!

Allegro Performing Arts Academy is located at 222 Central Avenue S in Kent. Learn more and register online at