Neely Mansion welcomes volunteer help


Neely Mansion Association
Flexible hours

The Neely Mansion Association welcomes and relies on volunteer help in restoring and maintaining this valuable landmarked property as a heritage to our community.

Specifically needed are volunteers to lead, coordinate, and support:

  • Supporting special events
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Mowing (we currently have support here)
  • Care for flowers
  • Building tasks (carpentry, plumbing, electrical)
  • Care for trees
  • Trimming
  • Weeding flower beds
  • Maintaining the well

Individuals, groups, and families are also invited to come  for a day of service (at your convenience). And there are opportunities for individual projects (e.g., Scout Eagle and Gold projects).

If you would like to volunteer in this ongoing labor of love, please e-mail Max Beers at or Linda Van Nest at


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