New GKHS Storefront Display – Carnation Milk and Lester Jush Quitoriano

Greater Kent Historical Society and Kent Downtown Partnership

The Greater Kent Historical Society and the Kent Downtown Partnership have collaborated on bringing an empty storefront in the Rasmussen Building in Kent’s historic downtown at 2nd and Meeker to life.

Did ¬†you know local visionary E.A. Stuart started the Carnation Evaporated Milk Company in Kent in 1899? The windowfront display shares information about his legacy, including how true the famous slogan “Carnation Milk Comes from Contented Cows” really is. There is also an array of products, promotional items and toys that helped make this hometown start-up a global sensation.

Also on display, contemporary artist and immigrant Lester Jush Quitoriano pays tribute to the unsung heroes of the Philippines. His work reflects on the roots, culture, memories of his birthplace.