New Music Organizational Development Fund
Application deadline: 4/22/2021, 11:59 PM

The New Music Organizational Development Fund offers grants to non-profit organizations, performance groups, dance organizations, festivals, presenters, and venues with a proven track record and impact who need support to sustain their programming of new music, artist development work, and other services in the evolving context of COVID-19. This program is for outstanding organizations which work regularly with, and support the development of, music creators and artists and offer a crucial resource to the community.

We aim to support and represent a broad range of organizations across different US cities and music genres. Additionally, we would like to build connectivity amongst the organizations we support to facilitate shared learning, exchange of ideas, and opportunities.

We ask each organization to present their year-round work on or offline, including

  • Music program planned
  • Artist development opportunities
  • Community of artists served (we support music creators/artists based in the US and US territories)
  • Audiences the activity will reach

We are particularly interested in supporting organizations which are having a deep and consistent impact on their community of artist and music lovers. For this reason, we are asking applicants to submit an endorsement from a member of their community

Successful applicant organizations will exhibit some or all of the following traits:

  • Committed to relationship building and collaboration with artists and other organizations in the community
  • Commitment to commissioning new work
  • Commitment to programming new music and providing opportunities for creators
  • Engaged in artist development throughout the year/season
  • Offers educational opportunities and is committed to building future audiences for the organization’s work.

Funding will be available for general operating costs which support the organization’s ongoing and regular programming of, and collaboration with US/territories-based composers and artists. It does not need to be tied to any specific project but should contribute to the continued programming of new music. We aim to fund approximately 50 organizations. Maximum grants available are $20,000. We expect the average grant would be between $9,000 and $10,000.

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