World Affairs Council
Nomination deadline: 6/21/2019

To nominate a World Educator, send us an email with the name of your nominee, some background on their work and roles, and your reason for nominating them by Friday, June 21, 2019. Send nominations via email to

Each year, the World Affairs Council honors a local educator who has made exceptional contributions in broadening the global horizons of students and colleagues. The recipient of the World Educator Award is an outstanding K-12 teacher who promotes international understanding in the classroom and contributes to the development of resources so that other educators and community members are better prepared to meet a major challenge of our time. Our children’s lives will be defined by the world within and beyond our borders; a World Affairs Council World Educator is someone who works to ensure that their students’ learning is reflective of that reality.

The World Educator is inducted into the World Affairs Council Fellows Program free of charge, and is given the opportunity to lead a Global Classroom workshop during the academic year of their award.

Whether you are a teacher, and have a colleague who has been a leader in promoting international understanding at your school–or are a student and have a teacher who has expanded your worldview– or are a parent who is grateful for the role a teacher has played in shaping your child’s perspective– the Council looks forward to reviewing your nominations!

Once a nomination is received, nominees will be asked to submit a resume and provide a minimum of one letter of support from a colleague, parent, student, or administrator. Stronger applications are typically supported by 2-3 letters of support. Applications will be reviewed by former World Educator recipients and World Affairs Council staff and board members.

For questions about the nomination process, please email Ryan Quinn at