Poetry Northwest
Now through 1/15/2020

Poetry Northwest is published semi-annually in June and December. We also publish new work (poetry, reviews, interviews, features and essays on poetics or the intersections of poetry and civic life, arts, and sciences) on our website, to supplement and extend our print edition. We make no distinction between the work selected for print edition or website publication. All work submitted to us during our reading period will be considered for the print edition, the website, or both, as befits our available space and need.

Please send only unpublished work. We cannot consider anything that has been previously published or accepted for publication in any form, including work that has appeared online, in blogs, on Facebook, etc. Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we cannot offer individual criticism.

Poetry Northwest welcomes unsolicited submissions of poetry, original or in translation, during their regular reading period, September 15 – January 15.

  • Please submit no more than five poems at a time. Combine all poems into a single document and upload as a Word file. If you wish to submit a PDF, please include it as a second file.
  • We accept submissions online only; work sent via mail will be recycled.
  • When submitting translations, please submit both English and originals, and be sure you hold the rights to print the originals.

Prose & visual art
Poetry Northwest also welcome submissions of unsolicited book reviews or essays on poetics, etc., and queries for visual art. Please submit using the appropriate category button.

In all cases, simultaneous submissions are accepted with advance indication and prompt notification upon acceptance elsewhere. You can do so by logging into Submittable and making note of the withdrawal of all or part of your submission. An email is not sufficient notice.

You may submit as often as you like during our regular reading period. Please wait for a response before submitting again.

For subscribers to Poetry Northwest, submissions will always be free.

For non-subscribers, Poetry Northwest accepts one free submission per reading period. Thereafter, each submission during a given reading period will be charged a small reading fee of $3. This small fee for multiple submissions helps support our mission to produce the highest quality literary journal possible. Multiple submissions without this reading fee (waived for subscribers) will be withdrawn unread.

Response time
Poetry Northwest’s goal is to respond to unsolicited submissions within 10 – 12 weeks, but we may take longer during our busiest months. Please be patient. We want to make sure your poetry gets the attention it deserves, and we read everything carefully. Please send only one submission at a time.

For more information, here is the submission portal.