City of SeaTac
Rolling deadline

The City of SeaTac provides tourism promotional funding for events and projects that entice, welcome and entertain tourists and visitors. These funds are made possible by local and state Hotel Motel Excise Tax collected on accommodations within the City of SeaTac (Lodging Tax Funding).

This fund is meant to allow the City of SeaTac to take advantage of opportunities for tourism promotion that occur at various times of year. These funding requests (<$25,000), can be submitted at any time and will be awarded to projects for one year. The Opportunity Bucket fund totals $100,000 annually and is included within the City of SeaTac lodging tax application/biennial budget request to the HMAC. Applications for these funds must be reviewed by SeaTac’s Hotel Motel Advisory Committee (HMAC) and recommended to Council for approval. Applications will be reviewed by SeaTac Community and Economic Development staff and HMAC at the next available meeting; submitted at next available SeaTac City Council meeting after that; and applicant will be informed within 30 days after Council review.

Register to receive an application at:  Please fill out and submit online form.

For more information, contact Tanja Carter in SeaTac’s Community and Economic Development department at