Pacific Bonsai Museum: World Tai Chi Day

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that exercises the mind and body through slow movements. Practicing tai chi regularly can improve balance and coordination, increase energy and stamina, reduce stress, and calm the mind. Qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) is an “energy exercise” that connects the mind and body to promote healing. Learn to use your breath in a simple practice to help circulate your body’s energy and connect with others. Free to attend! 

Join Hansie Wong, Haoyun Jiang, and the Federal Way Community Center tai chi group for WORLD TAI CHI DAY on Saturday, April 27 from 10AM -12PM at the Pacific Bonsai Museum. We will be doing a short series of easy qigong movements as well as a few popular tai chi forms. This event is open and free to the public and great if you’re curious about this ancient Chinese martial art. You will leave feeling both energized and relaxed. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and be prepared to participate!

  • What: World Tai Chi Day
  • When: Saturday, April 27 from 10AM -12PM
  • Where: Pacific Bonsai Museum, Federal Way


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