Poetics As Cosmology Workshop

Cascadia Poetics Lab
Dates: 10/30, 11/6, and 11/20/2022, 1-3 PM

How is a stance toward writing poetry a model for living one’s life? How can the act of writing spontaneously deepen one’s intuition/guidance/connection to one’s more noble self? In this three-week course we’ll investigate… several post WWII stances toward spontaneous composition, read essays, poems, engage in writing exercises, discussion and have related outside-of-class activities suggested to deepen one’s relation to this stance.

Poet Paul Nelson of Cascadia Poetics Lab will be leading this FREE workshop series at the Founders Lodge at Des Moines Beach Park Event Center, 22030 Cliff Avenue S, Des Moines. Register at pen@cascadiapoeticslab.org. This series was made possible with support from 4Culture and the Des Moines Arts Commission.

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