Evergreen City Ballet
Beginning 11/2/2021, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9:30 AM – Noon

The Preschool Dance Enrichment program (PDE) expands upon ECB’s vision and values with the mission to provide quality early childhood education uniquely contextualized in the art and academic study of dance. Parents can expect their preschoolers to develop non-locomotor and locomotor ballet and tap skills, artistry, and cognitive/social-emotional skills. Acess to a Google Classroom, digital art gallery, and in-studio watch weeks allow for an involved family experience. The lead instructor for this program, Miranda Chantelois, uses Laban Fundamentals and Brain-Compatible Dance Education to explore core movement principals such as space, size, level, direction and pathway. Dancers embody these concepts through songs, creative explorations, and visual storytelling. Additional monthly themes immerse dancers in preschool-aged concepts such as outer space, body parts, transportation, Black dance history and more for a holistic creative education! Cost is $400/month, plus $35 registration fee.

Evergreen City Ballet is located at 2230 Lind Avenue, Renton. Learn more and register at www.evergreencityballet.org/preschool-dance