Queens by Kelly Lyles

Burien Arts Gallery Wall at the Highline Heritage Museum
Now through 6/2022

After years in commercial art as a designer and illustrator, Kelly Lyles is now focused primarily on painting in oil, acrylic, and watercolor.

“Life is a lot of fun, and I’d like the viewers to share that in my work. Growing up all over the world, I developed an interest in people and our foibles; laughter is universal,” Lyles says.  “Although I’ve worked in a number of different ‘styles and media, all are based on representational art steeped in classical training.”

She has produced a number of series of paintings on different themes:

  • Candyland (50 small representations of candy from around the world on a painting of the famous game’s board)
  • Twelve Steps (12 paintings of drunks and junkies)
  • Rodents (23 painting of visual puns)
  • Saints and Sinners (a series of watercolors of mythological and historical figures)

Three-dimensional projects include “artcars” and the decoration of 14 large fiberglass sculptures (pigs, nutcrackers, et) for various civic associations.

But Lyles’ current exhibit at the Highline Heritage Museum focuses on Queens.

The Highline Heritage Museum is located at 819 SW 152nd Street in Burien and is open Thursday – Sunday 1-5 PM. Admission to the Wall is free.

All works on display at the Museum are for sale. Please email burienarts@gmail.com  for information on purchasing.



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