Request for Qualifications – SoDo Murals

Overall Creative and SODO BIA
Deadline: 2/29/2024

In collaboration with the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture Hope Corps Program, Office of Economic Development, and One Seattle Downtown Activation Plan, we (SODO BIA + overall creative) are calling for artists to submit their qualifications to design and install murals on exterior walls in the SODO neighborhood.

Eligibility: This RFQ is open to all artists, regardless of geography or experience, though artists with a past or present connection to SODO and / or the indigenous peoples of the PNW are strongly encouraged to apply

Project Scope: up to 8 artists will be invited to submit designs for $1,000 each, and painting budgets will range from $5,000 to $15,000 depending on wall pairings.

Anticipated Timeline: RFQ posted Dec 1 ‘23 – Feb 29 ‘24, awards presented March ‘24, installation summer ‘24

About SODO: the industrial heart of Seattle, is where many of the operations and facilities that make Seattle work are located. The SODO BIA covers an area of about 950 acres from the Stadiums in the north to our southern boundary on Hudson Street and from the Port of Seattle to the I-5 corridor. We represent over 1200 businesses and property owners ranging from traditional manufacturing and industrial supply to retail, restaurants, and event venues.

SODO is a unique district in Seattle as it does not have a residential base, instead, it is a working district with over 45,000 employees coming to work in SODO each day. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of people who patronize SODO’s commercial, industrial, sports and entertainment facilities.encouraged to apply.

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