RFQ – Together Center Entryway and Donor Recognition Wall

Together Center
Deadline: 8/30/2022, 5 PM

Together Center is a nonprofit human services center supporting Seattle’s Eastside since 1991. The 20+ nonprofit providers located at our campus in Redmond help thousands of people annually.

With one trip to Together Center, community members can access a full range of supports including: health care; dental care; mental health counseling; case management; addiction support; behavioral health; advocacy services; childcare resources; disability services; therapies for children of diverse abilities; economic assistance; job training; and cultural navigation for immigrants, among others.

We are looking for emerging and established artists to create a site-specific welcoming entry and donor recognition wall in our lobby. Artwork will beautify and enliven the project and convey the welcoming and inclusive message of Together Center while also thanking major donors whose gifts have made the new facility possible.

This call is open to all artists living and working in Washington state. Please read the application requirements carefully. Artists are asked to submit statements of interest based on past art experience. Relevance of the applicant’s letter of interest and demonstrated ability to create and execute art projects will be considered in the selection. Must welcome and participate in a community engagement phase during development of artwork. Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) artists are encouraged to apply.

We are not looking for artwork proposals at this phase of the project.
The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) August 30, 2022. Project Background

Working with our human service provider partners, we have designed exciting community aspects for the new

Together Center including a welcoming public lobby, suites in which to best provide services, communal teaching kitchen, multicultural event and gathering spaces, a social-purpose coworking area, an indoor/outdoor lounge for nonprofit worker respite, and a small community art gallery.

Scope of Work:

Together Center will select a finalist to refine their concept, participate in a community engagement phase, and create a final proposal for approval before proceeding with fabrication and installation of the artwork. Installation will be coordinated in early to mid-2023 upon completion of the Project. Eventual artwork proposals from selected artists will need to consider safety and visibility.

Together Center is under construction on an expanded, dynamic new nonprofit center with the addition of 280 units of family-focused affordable housing on the upper levels.

Together Center Entryway and Donor Recognition Wall – RFQ

Planned Artwork Location and Budget:

Location: Donor wall in the main lobby of Together Center
Budget: $27,000
Details: The artwork may command attention within a busy lobby. Ideally this is 2D, text, or relief wall pieces of a large scale. Piece(s) should be engaging at both close and distant viewing. Opportunities to integrate with the architectural design of the building. The commission is ideal for diverse media but is not open to digital artworks.

• See addendum for space and size.

Several important criteria for this piece are:

  • Donor names included and listed in a graduated method based on giving level
  • Quote for inspiration or inclusion: “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro
  • Guiding statement: Together Center unites and fosters, under one roof, strong agency partnerships that empower people and strengthen our community. Forging forward together, so everyone thrives.
  • Safety to the public (i.e., no sharp edges, no points, no breakable or bendable components, no climbing hazards, etc.).
  • The work should not protrude more than 4” off the wall
  • Incorporates the existing column directly in front of the wall
  • Appropriate for family-friendly audience
  • Welcoming and inclusive


Selection and Installation Timeline:

  • Artist RFQ submission due: August 30, 2022 (5 p.m. PST) ? Follow up interviews to be held before final selection
  • Artist Final Selection: September 14, 2022
  • Contract executed and notice to proceed issued: October 7, 2022
  • Community Engagement: October 2022
  • Working with and receiving input from the Together Art Council and Donor Recognition Task Force which may include 2-3 working sessions
  • Coordinate with the Contractor and Architect for the installation requirements: November 2022
  • Final Approval of artwork: December 1, 2022
  • Artwork Development and Fabrication: December-May 2023
  • Installation close to Grand Opening: mid-2023



Guidelines for Artist / Artwork Eligibility:

Artist eligibility will not depend on an artist’s professional status; however, it must reflect a high quality of work. (Non-professional artists are eligible to participate.)


The artwork budget for the arts location are as follows, inclusive of all fees, including Washington State Sales Tax (10.1%). Artists will receive 50% of the total commission upon acceptance of the final artwork proposal and 50% after installation of the artwork, photo documentation, and a brief project summary have been delivered.

Application Deadline:

The deadline for RFQ submission is 5 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time), August 30, 2022. Please allow ample time to complete your application; applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.

Upload final package to Together Center Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/request/5yFa1p0a9Nw82K40SXEN

Questions? Email info@togethercenter.org

Application Requirements:

Your letter of interest and biographical statement may be submitted either in written form or in a video/audio statement that includes the information below. Please note that this should not be a highly produced or edited video, a short recording that speaks directly to your interest in this project will suffice. The intent of this option is to provide an opportunity for individuals who feel they can represent themselves better verbally versus in writing through the letter of interest.

Please note we are not asking for artwork proposals for this project during the artist selection.

  • Letter of interest (not to exceed 300 words or 90 second video). Please describe your interest in this unique opportunity, addressing your aesthetic and how you would bring in your previous art experiences to execute this project.
  • Biographical statement (not to exceed 200 words or 60 second video). The biographical statement replaces a resume and is a space where you can summarize your experiences as a creative individual.
  • Up to eight (8) work sample images. We suggest not submitting more than two images of the same work. Composite images are not recommended. Image identification information including title, year created, client, medium, and commission amount is included as part of the image upload.
  • Three references. Please include the name, a brief statement about your working relationship, and contact information (email and/or phone number) for each of your references.

Label all your files with your name first For example: your name_letter of interest.pdf

Selection Criteria:

Together Center is committed to reflecting the diversity and cultural richness of our State in the selection of artists and artworks. The Art Selection Committee will review all proposals with respect to the below criteria.

  • Artistic Merit, High Quality, Diversity: Each artwork proposal will be evaluated on its own merit and if the artwork contributes to diversity in style, scale, and media in traditional and contemporary art forms used throughout the project.
  • Welcoming to All: Artworks must be suitable for public display and free of safety hazards. Some examples of the welcoming-to-all criterion include absence of violence, nudity, bias and hate. Quality of concept, design, and craftsmanship of past works.
  • Relevance of letter of interest
  • A proven ability to coordinate and collaborate with project managers, design professionals, and community stakeholders
  • A proven ability to listen and work with community members, including communities of color, as well as the donor recognition task force
  • Demonstrated ability to complete projects on time and within budget
  • Selected Artists must: Coordinate the installation for any large mounted or suspended artwork and outline requirements in their proposal. Artists are to install their own works – timing of the actual install will be confirmed with artist once we are closer to project completion. Hanging sculptures/large mounted structures will require coordination with the project structural engineer – see schedule for date to start this coordination. Be on site during art installation (unless art is a small object or hanging wall art piece).

Selection Process:

The selection process will include a review by a peer panel and advisors who will review all interested applicants’ proposals and materials. Together Center may reach out to artists for follow up interviews before final selection.

Notification of Results:

Applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision by email by September 14, 2022.

The Together Center Art Selection Committee reserves the right to ask the Artist to make changes to the artwork. If the artist agrees, a new price may be negotiated. The artist does reserve the right to decline this request. If so, the artwork as presented may or may not be considered for purchase. The decisions of the Committee are final.

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