Our mission is to facilitate personal growth and social development through the Creativity of the Theatre Arts.

Our productions are very exciting with the music, dance, costumes and lighting. But before we get to that desired end result, there is a journey that takes place. This journey begins with a group of individuals who don’t know each other. Through the workshop, these individuals make friends, find common interests with one another, identify with others, and feel a sense of belonging with the group. Each person is encouraged to be him/herself and to be honest and caring towards one another. The environment in which to learn must be an emotionally safe one.  We do not tolerate any kind of bullying or negativity. We are here to support each other and to create magic on stage that none of us could do alone by ourselves – it takes the group to make the experience truly magical.

• Holly Rose, Artistic Director
• Box 23688; Federal Way 98093
• Summer location: 29645 S 51st Street; Auburn 98001
• 206.854.2638