4Culture supports the cultural health of King County with the help of an incredible roster of panelists, On-Site Reviewers, Advisory Committee members, and more. As community representatives, their perspectives help 4Culture make informed decisions that center the voices of the people we serve. In an effort to expand the voices at our tables, we created a new recruitment form.

Leading with racial equity and using diverse cultural perspectives, these individuals help us fulfill our mission of funding, supporting, and advocating for culture in King County in the following ways:

  • Review and score applications, allocate funds, and award commissions.
  • Visit cultural organizations and events as an On-Site Reviewer, and submit written reviews that assist panelists.*
  • Guide 4Culture staff and board in program development, long-term strategy, and more by bringing on-the-ground insight to our work.

*The On-Site Review Program is currently on hold due to COVID-19. 

If you’re a cultural worker and this sounds like something you’d be passionate about, please share some information about yourself with us via the form, below! If you are already involved and know someone who would be a great fit, please share this email with them.

4Culture staff will review submissions when there is an opportunity for service and select participants that meet the needs of the particular opportunity. Completing this form does not guarantee selection for service, but it will help us build an inclusive roster of individuals used to form panels, solicit reviews, and assemble Advisory Committees as needed. To get involved, click here.

Please contact hello@4culture.org with any additional questions.