Seeking Poets from America’s Rural Places


Pulley Press

Pulley Press encourages and publishes poetry by poets who write from rural places, and currently is looking for poets who have full-length book manuscripts in that vein that are available for publication.

The Press also seeks poets who would like to create a collection of poetry based on interviews and collaboration with people in their communities. (See: We Had Our Reasons by Ricardo Ruiz and

A book created with the Pulley includes: 1) an introduction offering context of the place that the poet is writing about; 2) the poems written by the poet in collaboration; 3) selections of the interview transcripts and 4) biographies of the participating community poets.

If you are a poet from such a place and open to the idea of creating poems in collaboration, using the Pulley technique, we would love to receive a proposal from you!

We are looking for:

  • poets who are from, and immersed in, small town or rural life;
  • poets who are eager to interview friends, family and community members, build transcripts of the interviews and work with the interviewees to make poems;
  • poets who keep their word— delivering what they say they will deliver, on time;
  • poets who have strong prose clips (the book will entail writing brisk, rich descriptions of the community members)
  • poets who communicate well, (returning emails, calls etc. and being proactive in informing the editor of progress)

We expect to review proposals as quickly as we can gather them. We are reading proposals now.

Please submit a short proposal that includes the following:

  1. your name, contact information
  2. a biography that includes where you grew up; your experience in the community you’ll be working in and where you live now;
  3. description of your community;
  4. a work sample of 4 poems that you are proud of;
  5. a tentative list of people whom you will interview

If your proposal is accepted, we will offer an advance.

Submit to:

Frances McCue