One World Now
Deadline: 10/13/2018

World Affairs Council partner OneWorld Now! is looking for high school teachers in the greater Seattle area who are passionate about international education and who would like to partner with them for their 2019 spring break study abroad programs to China, Morocco, Korea and Russia.

As an OWN Teacher Leader, you would:

  • Work closely with OWN Staff to select and/or modify a short-term study abroad program to best meet your professional needs and those of the school community
  • Act as liaison between school community and OWN Office
  • Share information about the program and help recruit students to apply
  • Co-facilitate monthly workshops with OWN Staff
  • Act as a co-leader and travel with students to Morocco, Korea, China, or Russia for ten days over spring break for FREE!

OneWorld Now! has over 16 years of experience teaching world languages, facilitating youth leadership development, and organizing study abroad opportunities for high school students. For more information about these Spring Break programs, visit the website or read program descriptions here.

If you are interested in becoming an OWN Teacher Leader, contact Caitlyn Lamdin  by October 13 at or call the OneWorld Now! office at 206-223-7703.

The programs you could work with are:

China: Educational Equity in Urban China
Live, work, and study alongside Chinese peers at the Beijing-Changping New Oriental Foreign Languages School. In small teams, craft and deliver lessons to elementary students at a school for the children of migrant workers. Spend time at home with your classmates, exploring the capital city with their families while experiencing local customs and daily routines. Share your experiences comparing equity in urban education through a culminating project and farewell party.

SOUTH KOREA: History and Present Reality of the North-South Conflict
With the constant onslaught of information about North Korea in the news, it can be difficult to parse out the reality of what is happening in Korea. Through this program, delve into the history leading up to the Korean War from 1950-1953 and the subsequent division of the peninsula along the 38th parallel. Learn about the relationship between the North and South today, and meet with organizations that that aim to reunify families across the border. Visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the two nations and hear the stories of refugees that have fled the North. Meanwhile, immerse yourself in South Korean culture through activities such as learning TaeKwonDo, cooking bulgogi, and visiting a Buddhist temple.

MOROCCO: Girls’ and Women’s Empowerment 
Learn how the rural community of Oued Ifrane in southern Morocco is challenging traditional gender roles through sports, fiscal independence, and artisan empowerment. Engage with the women of a weaving cooperative and the community’s girls’ soccer team. Explore one of Morocco’s largest traditional markets, and immerse yourself in the culture by learning basic Arabic, drumming, and Moroccan cooking.

MOROCCO: Multi-layered Identities and the French Colonial Legacy
Delve into the complicated history of French colonization in Morocco and learn about Moroccans’ multi-layered identities as it relates to Arab, Amazigh, and European cultural influences. Compare a French-language high school to a local public school, discuss how language informs identity with Moroccan peers, and learn about the fraught relationship between France and North African migrants today. Meanwhile, explore the capital city of Rabat and immerse yourself in the culture by learning basic Arabic, drumming, and Moroccan cooking.

RUSSIA: Youth Leadership and Community Service in Russia
Live and serve in Kitezh, a rehabilitative foster community for orphaned and abandoned children south of Moscow. Work alongside community members in maintaining their school, homes, and farm while experiencing first hand Kitezh’s philosophy of youth leadership development and social responsibility. Learn beginner Russian language and collaborate on a play with Russian youth. Discover the historical sites of the capital city of Moscow, spend an evening at the circus, and experience the hospitality of Russian people.