Art on Main Gallery
Now through 1/3/2022

The City of Auburn and the Auburn Arts Commission are pleased to present an art installation by Suze Woolf at the window-front Art on Main Gallery, on view through January 3, 2022. The Gallery is located on East Main Street between N. Division St. and Auburn Avenue in Auburn.

Woolf’s installation titled “State of the Forest” will include dramatic paintings of burned trees suspended from the ceiling, printed on 2-3 layers of transparent silk organza. As a self-proclaimed “lifelong outdoor person,” the artist’s work is inspired by climate change and the environment, including recent PNW wildfires. She writes how “close-up studies of individual trees became my metaphor for our predilection for cooking the planet. Yet for all my anxiety and grief, I also see unusual beauty. Wildfire fighters call fire-carved standing snags “totems:” in some ways they are all the same – carbonized, eaten away; yet each one different – the fire’s physics and the tree’s biology create unique sculptures. Each ridge and fissure becomes a landscape unto itself. Char remains iridescent for up to a decade, reflecting local light and color.”

For more information about the artist, please visit Suze Woolf’s website.