Allegro Performing Arts Academy
Fall 2020

Allegro Performing Arts Academy is offering a Study Camp for students grades 7-12 who are enrolled in their school’s virtual program and would benefit from assistance/supervision by highly qualified teachers.

Allegro provides a safe environment for your child to get help with online school work, to dance mid-day, and to socialize distantly while you are at work. On-site tutoring/instruction is available, along with wi-fi and separate, disinfected work spaces. Your student will be responsible for bringing laptop, charger, headphones, power extension cord, required school supplies and lessons, snacks and water (or lunch for the full-day option.)

This camp is being offered on Wednesdays and/or Fridays at Allegro Performing Arts Academy, 222 Central Avenue S, Kent.

For 4 hours a day:

There are two sessions from which to choose: 7:30-11:30 AM or Noon-4 PM. Each of the 4-hour sessions includes a 30-45 minute movement class. Cost: $75 for one half-day session or for those who wish to commit for a month, the monthly rate is $290 for one half-day every week in a month.

For 8 hours a day:

7:30 AM – 4 PM, includes two 30-45 minute movement classes. Cost: $150 for one day or $575 for one full day a week (monthly rate).

One time registration fee of $50. Only 15 spaces are available. Five students are socially distance in three separate large rooms.

Have questions? E-mail